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      DiplomaIT.Tk is a website and free helping centre for students whose belongs to IT (Information Technology). This website is specially devloped for DIPLOMA/DEGREE in IT/CSE Students of SCTE&VT ODISHA and Other Board.We are also try to help other branches. We provide Old Semester IT Questions with answer , which is generally not available in Internet . Not only this we provide also IT Assignments , IT Projects , IT Seminar Topics , IT Syllabus , IT Notes , IT Sample Papers , SCTE&VT Results of some institute/schools , IT Career/Jobs , Online Daily news paper , PC Online Education Games , PC Online Chatting , Education and Language Software , 10th Result 12th Result +3 Results of various Board and University also other results.
      I am also a student of Diploma IT and i know the problems which occurs in a student life . Don't worry just follow us , we provide all things which you need with our best. Be a part of our website with Sharing questions , notes etc . We welcome you always !!!

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